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[NER] World Of Tanks



It´s with a great pleasure we announce the opening of our World of Tanks Division!! :D

You can check all the info here:

[NER] World Of Tanks Division

If you wish to apply, please keep in mind, to pass by our TS first, have a chat with us, play some games with us, and then if you like what you see, apply and we will take it in consideration.

[NER] World of Tanks, is open to all European people, at the moment there are only Portuguese members. If we start having European members, our main language of communication will be English, so keep in mind that you need to know how to speak English.

Any doubts you have, you can contact us, via Forum/Webpage, or Team Speak, most of the times there's an admin there.

Hope to see you all soon in battle!!! :D

[NER]Admin Staff


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