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NER Rebirth


It's with great pleasure we announce the reactivation of [NER] New European Regiment Clan. After several years of inactivity, where only the TS was active and few people on it, an old group of NER members decided to put the clan up again.

At this moment we count with 2 game divisions already alive and kicking. They are Blade & Soul ­ Guild Night Circle and [NER] CS:GO team.

The Blade and Soul Division has around 60 members in its guild, and they will be participating at ESL in a near future. NER Blade and Soul has already streaming members you can watch live here ( link ) and follow, supporting them,the clan and help to grow this NER game division. If you would like to join us in this division, register at our website and join us on TS for some fun.

The [NER] CS:GO team was recently formed by 5 members, which are:

[NER]Dennis "stark" Silva [C]
[NER]Cristiano "blomstar" Ferreira
[NER]Diogo "sixz" Brito
[NER]João "menez" Menezes
[NER]Sérgio "ragnar" Cardoso

It´s a team with portuguese players,that will be participating Tournments and ESL in a near future.

But [NER] is not all about competition. We are an old and experienced clan, where companionship and union is always privileged, making us a family. If you are interested in joining our community, join us on Team Speak ( ip ) and play with us in the several games we have available. Just have fun and relax.

World of Tanks
Battlefield 4
Rainbow Six Siege
Cod 2
Cod 4
Medal of Honor Spearhead
League of Legends

At this time we have servers running for the following games: (more to come in the future)

Medal of Honor Spearhead
Cod 2
Battlefield 4

We are also opened to create new teams, to all that believes in this values and to whom we will offer all the support needed to start

You can find all the info at: www.ner­

Welcome to New European Regiment

[NER] Greetings The Admin StaffGreatings

The Admin Staff 

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