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[NER] Guild Wars 2 News: Living Story Season 3 is Live!

Hello fellows!

ArenaNet took us by surprize today with the release of the Living Story Season 3. GW 2 HoT players just need to loggin to permantly unlock your season 3 chapter 1.

We took some hours to test the update, and it looks amazing.

Not only the story develops but we are introduced to a new map right away.

"Thats Right , a New Map!!" 

Season 3 started with a cerimony in memory of Eir in Hoelbrak. Lots of friendly faces that you can interact with and some great design that allow you to pay your respects by many ways, from story telling to statues. 

Your called to Rata Novus and the story starts to look like another normal adventure that will force you to teleport arround the world, but sudenly it goes off the rails, a simple  airship rides becomes a nightmare when you see a super explosions transforming a huge chunk of Maguma Forest into a BloodStone Hell. And this is how you find BloodStone Fen the new map for Chapter 1.

You will find yourself in a fresh scarred land, full of untamed magic and tainted by BloodStone energy.

New events, boss's and masterys can be found in this new area, and even special daily quests for this map.

Ready your glider theres tons of secret places and collectables in the cursed flying remains of this once maguma forest land.

After 1 year we couldnt have a bether suprise, lets hope they keep this level of quality in all chapters to come. We dont want to spoil all for you guys so have fun exploring, we see you in the fields.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

NER Community Staff

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