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[NER] Community: What to Play? From Reporter NER

  Hello everybody!

  NER Community salutes you.

  We all love to play a lot of games but there is always something new or old that shows up, and we lose ourselves for another few hours.
   This week in the NER Community, the Reporter NER got some insight on what our members been up to.

   H1Z1: Oh yeah, somehow someone remembered to get back and our Battlefield 4 members came out of the frenetic Warfield and gone to the apocalyptic world of H1Z1.

   League of Legends: If you have been to the bar this last month you have seen LoL is on the spotlight, but not only by our veterans. The LoL rooms have been lively with new comers.

   Rocket League: This one just made it to our TS, but this surely is something growing, Staff and Veterans been having fun, and some new comers also approve the new Channel.

   Warframe: And you say “what?”, It’s true our B&S members found a funny way to relax on this crazy 3rd person shooter. Got to agree with them, its nice way to step away from the cute friendly universe of B&S.

  Guild Wars 2: The new update just kicked in, so it’s always a good time to get back. The activity meter showed that and they look to be having fun.
What about you guys?  Having fun with something new and shiny? Remember to comment and drop your thoughts in our Forum.
With the best regards.
NER Community Staff

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