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DayZ 0.60 Exp Release!

It's been quite a wait, we know. Still, we hope you'll enjoy taking 0.60.132867 through the wringer as it's released.

Please keep in mind that 0.60 contains the first iteration of the new renderer and as such you will encounter loads of bugs. In that regard; we highly value your feedback as always and even though our new tracker is not quite ready to go live yet, you can file all the bugs you come across in the following sub-forum and we'll make sure to sweep them up: (

As mentioned before, for the arrival of the new renderer, the aim has been at visual parity with the old renderer, and all the guys on the team have worked hard in order to make sure that the launch of 0.60 makes an impact both in terms of performance as well as visuals, and what we hope that you'll focus on for the 0.60 Exp. version will be subjects such as performance issues, visual bugs, U.I. functionality bugs, as well as bugs for the Central Loot Economy (loot zones and items spawns for example).

Also, please do remember to update all your drivers as well as Windows before you go have a crack at 0.60 (please see the last known issue on the list).

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