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Ark: Survival Evolved is Free This Weekend July 30-31 on Steam!


"Ark: Survival Evolved" is Free this weekend on Steam, and with a 50% discount for a permanent buy.

Ark is a Survival Game with leveling and crafting system, allowing players to get experience for the more they survive and build in the Island. Unlike any other Survival game it also includes a taming system where you can make nearly any dinosaur in the game to become your pet and even mount.

The game focus in surviving, so cold and heat will affect your food and water very easily, building a shelter and evolving to higher technologies is a must.
Dinos are the best friends of the survivors if you know how to use them, each of the dinos have roles, like a Raptor is a perfect Hunter to help you with meat,  a Doedicurus can gather stone mush faster than your hatchet will ever do. Why not tame some Dodos? Those friendly pre-historic chickens can lay so many eggs you won't have to skip a breakfast anymore in the wildness!

Like any good survivalist the move information you get the easier it gets, or is it
Here are some small tips from our NER Ark to help you start your adventure.

1 - You will start naked on a beach area, use your fists to knock some trees and gather wood and thatch from them, add 1 or 2 stones from the shore, and you may build your 1st Stone Pick.

 2 - Use the Stone Pick on a rock to gather flint, go to engram in your inventory and learn new tech like the Stone Hatchet, craft it and your now ready to gather all basic materials with those two, test around and you will see ach will be better at gathering some materials more efficiently than the other.

3- Grab some berrys from the bushs. Meat is not always around, and sometimes you are the meat, so a handful of berrys will always help your food meter in those hard times.

4- Thach Foundations will be the start point for your 1st house in the Island, remember foundations will block resources spawns around it so pick a good place before you land it.

5- Grab some Hide from Dodos and other animals. Unlock your engrams up to the mortar pestle and narcotics, that way you can use narcoberrys and gain a huge XP boost from crafting them. Narcotics will also help you tame your dinos.

6- Get a sleeping bag or a bed as soon as you can, death eventually comes and these two allow you to respawn in them, beware sleeping bags are expendable so they disappear after 1 use.

7- Tame a Dodo, is the best way to test taming, knock him to sleep with your firsts and then put some berrys to his inventory. You will notice his taming bar rising while his unconscious drops. Put some narcoberrys to his inventory and press "remote use item" to force feed him the narcos, which will raise his unconscious so you can keep him to sleep while you tame him.
Once the tame bar is full congratulations you managed your 1st tame.
Now go try a T-Rex... maybe not yet!

8 - Play with friends, Ark is a social game, 1 player can't build all techs so it's always nice to have 1 to share your adventure, but remember it's a pvp game so not all can be trusted.

9 - Avoid swamp areas, many dangerous creatures live there, and if you get bit by a leach will get sick and that won't come off easily. Players with a green cloud on their head are also sick so avoid contact with them, the disease is highly contagious.

And this are the basics to start your adventure. There's a lot more to learn and explore. Caves, mountains, sea and sky, Ark world is full of surprises.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

NER Community Staff.

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